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Donations are intrinsic to the present and future success of this ministry.

Refuge Veritas is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization holding Tax Exemption Status.

A friend of the ministry once said: "Why is it so easy for the world to have so much money, but when it comes to doing good works there seems to be none?"  This is an excellent question!

Whether you live near or far, Refuge Veritas is a ministry built by a community that loves each other, loves God, and desires to give the world a place of rest and recollection.

Would you please consider donating to us?  


We are more than willing to have phone or in-person conversations with you to discuss the vision and intentions of this organization, as well as use the donations you provide towards exactly what and where you desire them to go within the ministry. 

We are small and humble, but know that this ministry is needed and desired.  Please help us succeed!

Help be a Founding Donor! 

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