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Providing services to those seeking truth and healing.

With a shared desire to help others encounter Christ's healing love, Refuge Veritas was born.  The team began working together in 2020 and have led several retreats and events together since.


We are working hard to establish our location and are in need of angel donors to assist us, but know that we can lead retreats, prayer sessions, praise and worship and produce products wherever the Lord calls us.

Although we joyfully and fully follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, everyone is welcomed to our ministry.

What does "Refuge Veritas" mean?

Veritas is Latin for Truth.  This name was inspired by Psalm 91 as well as to emphasize a particular charism of our team: seeking and speaking truth. 

A consistent compliment our team receives from visitors and retreat-goers is our hospitality.  We have chosen Refuge for our charism of compassion and openness

to all that visit our ministry.


For all to encounter God’s healing love.


Living out the call of Christian discipleship by helping people experience God’s healing love through prayer, praise, retreats and resources.


Since, then, O my Lady, thou art the Refuge of all

sinners, thou art my refuge. Thou, who despisest no one

who has recourse to thee, despise me not,

who recommends myself to thee:

"Refuge of sinners, pray for us.

O Mary, pray for us, and save us."

According to St. Alphonsus Liguori, St. John Damascene affirmed that Mary is not only the refuge of the innocent, but also the wicked, who implore her protection: "I am a city of refuge of all who fly to me." Refuge Veritas honors Our Lady and asks for her motherly protection as we seek her Son's Divine Providence in the work we do.

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