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Prayer, Praise, Production

“The new media undoubtedly offer the Church a greater opportunity to disseminate the Word of God more widely and more directly. It is possible, using the new technologies, to present the timeless message of God's love for his people more attractively and in ways that may engage new audiences. ”
- Archbishop Claudio Celli

Refuge Veritas believes that media is a powerful tool for evangelization.  Several members of the team have an extensive background in production, editing, and creation of online media content.  Our hope is to partner with parishes and other church leaders to spread the Gospel through the creation of online products. 


"The mission to announce the Word of God is the responsibility of all the disciples of Jesus Christ by virtue of their baptism. The awareness must be deepened in every parish, and in every Catholic community and organization: They must find ways to bring the Word of God to all, especially to those who have been baptized but who have not been adequately evangelized. The Word of God became flesh so as to communicate himself to all men and women; a particularly privileged way of knowing this Word is therefore in encountering witnesses who make it present and alive. This proposition serves to remind us, also, that communication is not simply a verbal activity but that every aspect of the life of the church can be and ought to be communicative."

- Archbishop Claudio Celli

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Three unique programs with practical and spiritual advice designed to aid women entering religious life,

in religious life, or discerning out of religious life, with a focus on healing and restoration.


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